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The Front Cover. 
"Interesting, enjoyable and occasionally spine-chilling reading... (with) that ripping down-home feel."
- Patsy Crawford,
The Mercury, March 1997
"Imaginative, thought provoking, and worth picking up."
- "Ang",
Togatus, May 1997
"Stories (that) would not be out of place in leading magazines such as Analog or Isaac Asimov. It is all here... world class writing in this sweep of genres coming out of Tasmania. If you like to experience great imagination I recommend the ThylaXene collection."
- Don Thomspon,
Famous Reporter & OzLit@Vicnet, June 1997
"One of the strongest and most unsettling anthologies to come out in recent years… There hasn’t been a partnership this smooth in recent memory."
- Lisa DuMond,
The SF Site (USA): The Best in Science Fiction and Fantasy

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