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The ten stories in ThylaXene encompass many genres, from traditional SF, to cyberpunk, comedy, horror and romance. The authors are three Hobart men with largely spotless reputations. These then, are their stories...

N.E. Doran

Niall has worked in such diverse fields as spider research, cave ecology, and plankton harvesting. He holds a doctorate in Zoology (on the manipulation of biota in polluted water bodies in Victoria), has written management recommendations for threatened burrowing crayfish species in Tasmania, has worked in World Heritage Area management, and has helped develop State biodiversity policy. He currently works on the protection and management of all threatened fauna species in Tasmania. Previously involved in the production (as opposed to performing) side of theatre for nearly a decade, Niall has only recently been able to find time to develop his writing beyond a long standing hobby. In 1994, he wrote Desdichado Publishing's first publication, The Chronological Adventures of Detrius Thesper, and has since produced occasional short stories for a range of publications and markets. With an unhealthy interest in pyrotechnics, Speculative Fiction and poisonous animals, writing keeps Niall off the streets.

Stuart Newman

Despite Niall's dire warnings, Stuart has also put himself through the suffering of a PhD in Zoology, looking at krill biology and ozone depletion. An ex-pom, by 1995 he was in Australia and writing science fiction, on the grounds that works of imagination precludes all the dull research that other writers do. Stuart's other interests include guitar, stage lighting, and more recently, web page design. He made the mistake of contacting Niall and Craig in early 1996, and was sucked screaming into the mad vortex of small-press publishing. Whatever he is doing now, it is unlikely to amount to very much. But you have to start somewhere, do you not?

Craig Wellington

Craig's writing credits include scripts for stage, radio and television; most notably, The D Generation Triple M radio series Funky Squad (1994/5), Something Hot Before Bed for ABC Television in 1995 and The Tasmanian Tiger - The Definitive Documentary for Winning Post Productions (1996). His first children's book Willis and the Echo was published by Hyland house (March 1996) and has been nominated for the 1997 Children's Book of the Year Awards. As well as being a writer, Craig is an accomplished actor, director and producer for stage, radio and television. Among many other things, it is his ambition to write screenplays for cinema. 

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