Urgent News Report

Terrorists Sought in Australia

In a shocking development, Australia has been rocked by a spate of serious suburban and urban explosions, which are believed to have been deliberately triggered by an underground extremist group. The carnage includes a petrol refinery in Footscray, an LPG tanker on a highway near Long Bay, a house in Lewisham, and most of Black Mountain.

In response to the emergency, full scale man-hunts have been arranged across north west New South Wales, the ACT defence forces have been put on high alert, and the Australian Cricket Team has fled to Sri Lanka. In an effort to downplay the emergency, a spokesman last night said, "Well, we've got the Cup now anyway." He went on to state that the current situation has nothing whatsoever to do with a rampaging, slavering and slimy tentacled time devouring monster. The Treasurer has not taken this personally...

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