One of four fugitive time travellers from the future who's stranded in the present. Detrius' better traits include alcoholism, a diet of fast food, sleeping in, and a complete lack of tact, politeness, consideration and almost any redeeming qualities whatsoever... His worse traits don't bear thinking about, but he definitely seems to havea bit of trouble with his choice of wardrobe. As with anyone, a few facts and memories have slipped his mind, mostly to do with the fact that he's from the future, that he's stranded in the present, and that someone - or something - may be out for revenge. But don't worry, he's due for a reminder. Detrius is a man who's about to find out that two days of your life can encompass more than just 48 hours...


Also from the future, Celi is the complete opposite of Detrius. Charming, polite, sexy, attractive, and a good dresser, she's content with the life she's made for herself in the here and now. unfortunately for Celi, though, she's about to find about that opposites do attract after all..


The brains of the operation, George is both the cause and possible solution to the sequence of events that leaves Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra devoid of a full complement of suburbs. In his own words "Look at the high unemployment rate for scientists! Look at the lack of research funds! Look at the low incentive to move away from the solely academic, or the across-the-board promotional push into management rather than research! You don't think that's just accidental, do you! That sort of thing needs careful planning..."


The 'low risk' psychotic whose time outside the Stateside Sunny Valley Mental Institution convinces him he wants back in.. if only a case of mistaken identity didn't mean he was being chased by the police, an extrmely 'high risk' psychopath, an unwelcomely amorous 300 lb. convict, a rampaging, slavering, slimy-tentacled, time devouring monster, the anti terrorist (dis)organisation, and the adoring devotion of a pyrotechnically enriched band of skinheads...


Describing a rampaging, slavering, slimy-tentacled, time devouring monster is pretty tricky without resorting to "rampaging, slavering, slimy-tentacled, time devouring monster". Fortunately such a description is not only apt, but pretty well definitive.


Not a character, but a perceived passage of events that may not be occuring in the order that they should...


...a whole host of miscellanous and outlandishly sereotyped characters to act as monster fodder and be exploited for cheap laughs, including:

Only one thing still needs an answer. What the hell is this all about?

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