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The Disinherited Knight

"His suit of armour was formed of steel, richly inlaid with gold, and the device on his shield was a young oak-tree pulled up by its roots, with the Spanish word Desdichado, signifying Disinherited.
'Have you confessed yourself, brother,' said the Templar, '...that you peril your life so frankly?'
'I am fitter to meet death than thou art,' answered the Disinherited Knight; for by this name the stranger had recorded himself in the books of the tourney... "
- Sir Walter Scott, Ivanhoe.

What is Desdichado Publishing?

Decrying the relative lack of opportunity for unknown authors in Australia a decade ago, the team behind Desdichado Publishing decided to put their money where their mouths were. The result was Desdichado's first publication, The Chronological Adventures of Detrius Thesper in 1994. Well received both critically and commercially, Thesper provided the impetus for Desdichado's subsequent venture ThylaXene in 1996. The success of this anthology has further helped Desdichado's development, including a growing web/collectibles business, and now Federation: Australia's Adventure Peak. Desdichado Publishing's long term aim remains providing new and unknown local authors with the means of showcasing their work - and the continued sale of existing product will help secure this aim in future.

Upcoming Projects

Watch this space for other projects from Desdichado Publishing. Something is brewing...

Contacting Desdichado

Orders for books can be made on our ordering page.

If you have any queries or comments, please email. Alternatively, you can write to us at:

Desdichado Publishing
P.O. Box 310
Sandy Bay
TAS 7006

Desdichado Publishing moves between periods of actively publishing and actively selling - the latter to recoup costs in order to fund future publications. Desdichado is not currently actively seeking submissions, but future projects and opportunities may be advertised above as they develop. Aspiring writers are welcome to contact Desdichado Publishing, but please note that long delays may occur prior to a reply due to existing workloads. Our apologies to those currently awaiting replies, and we hope to get back to you soon!

SF Links - Australia and the World

Listed below are some links providing more information on Australian Science Fiction and SF in general (and some we just think are interesting). Some of these links are now out of date and other interesting ones are missing -- a major update and overhaul of our links is due soon!

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