AussieCon 3 photos

The superb Australian Small Press banner organised by Rob
Stephenson (Altair).

The Australian Small Press rabble :
L-R: Sarah Endacott (Orb), Russell B. Farr (Ticonderoga Publications),
Erika Lacey (Harbinger), Jonathan Strahan (Coode Street), Rob Stephenson
(Altair), Jeremy Byrne (Eidolon), Niall Doran (Desdichado Publishing).

The rest of the rabble:
L-R: Jim Deed (Altair), Vicki Colville (Desdichado Publishing).

An un-named editor of Harbinger takes a break from it all under
the Australian Small Press stall...

Pictures of the A3 Masquerade costumes (13 photos)

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